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Sketched Environment

Painted Environment

Painted Environment with Character*

*extra charges for more than one character

Characters & Portraits

Portrait Icon.jpg

Sketched $30
Painted $60

Cropped Bust.jpg

Cropped Body/Busts
Sketch $45
Painted $90

Full Body.jpg

Full Body
Sketch $60
Painted $120


Pet Portraits.jpg

Pet Portraits*
Sketch $60
Painted $90

Map Designs.jpg

Map Design
Outline $60
Flat $90
Painted $120

*extra charges for more than one pet


Best form of communication is email. The Artist will invoice the Client after the briefing. Printing and shipping will be a separate charge.

Payment Method

Payments will be made to the Artist via Square with a debit or credit card. Accpeted cards are:


Production Schedule

The Artist PRIMARILY works digitally. Sizes available are square ratio, 5x7, 8x10, 16x9, 11x17, 12x18, 18x24, 24x36.

A project may take an estimated from a week to three weeks. Note that this is not a completion time frame.


Artist requires a payment of 25% of the total project cost before each stage. Artwork will be sent as a watermarked proof in a JPEG format.  

1.    Thumbnail Stage: A set of three to five thumbnails will be presented to the Client. They will choose the strongest thumbnail they like. Client may request one more set of thumbnails if they wish.

2.    Final Sketch Stage: The final sketch would be shown to the Client. Small changes, suggestions or add-ons can be made.

3.    Color Stage: Two to four color sketches will be displayed to the client. They will choose the one they feel strongest about.

4.    Final: The final product will be shown to the client. Small revisions can be suggested before sending out the final rendering to be printed and shipped.

Extra sets of thumbnails and color sketches can be requested with extra charges applied. Client may request to see more progress between the color and final stage.



I will refuse a commission if it includes any of the following: NSFW nonconsensual art and or involving minors, any topics that are hateful or hurtful to any group (race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, etc.), or copyrighted imagery.


Refund and Cancellation

Understand that the Client reserves the right to terminate a commission at any time. If the final sketch has NOT been approved, a refund will be given. If it has been approved or is beyond the coloring and rendering stage, a refund will not be given because of how much time the Artist has put into creating the project by this point.


Small modifications are welcome throughout the project. Larger revisions, specifically in-between the color stage and the finished stage, will have extra charges applied. These extra charges will vary depending on the complexity of the revisions. Revisions will NOT be made until the Client pays the artist.

The Client will have a one day grace period from when the project is completed to be printed to make any last small revisions. In addition, Clients will have 7 business days from shipment collection to make any revisions. Client must agree to pay for printing and shipping for the revised project.

Printing & Shipping Information

The Artist is open to discussion of the possibility of sending a digital file to the Client. The Client must understand that printing and shipping is a separate charge aside. Prices will vary.


Depending on where the print is coming, the Artist will give the Client paper and print size options. The Artist will be responsible for ensuring quality of the print before shipping out to Client.

Larger print and custom size prints are possible must be brought to the Artist's attention.


The Client must understand that they can NOT reproduce the artwork. Please reach out to the Artist if you would like more prints.

I look forward to working with you!

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