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Compendium of Partemsian Wildlife

Compendium of Partemsian Wildlife


Compendium of Partemsian Wildlife is a book written and illustrated by me where I showcase some fantasy creatures that live in a country that I created named Partems. You explore deserts, forests, and high mountain ranges throughout Partems and observe the creatures in their natural habitat.


This book took me over a year to finish. What started off as a final project became a project that I wanted to publish. My process for this book was I thought about what animals would live in this country. Its based off of North America so a lot of creatures that exist made it in, but others like Dragons, Griffins, Baboons and Penguins that don't exist, or live in other parts of the world made it in. I worked on sketches for the animals, explored design and color, and then finally the environment that the creature lives in. Artistically, I worked in watercolors primarily for the background, and then on top for the creature or other elements, I painted with Gouache. I scanned the finished paintings in, and then adjusted them digitally and added linework. There were two instances where I reworked some of the spreads digitally because I wasn't pleased with how they came out traditionally.


The materials I used for the book are as follow. For the paper, I used 10x14 Windsor & Newton Watercolor Blocks, Kuretake Watercolor Set of 36, ShinHan 40ml Poster Gouache Paints, and I used Procreate and Photoshop for digital adjustments. For the prints, they are exclusive 8x10 digital illustrations made specifically for the book, printed on 8.5x11 110lb Cougar Paper.


This tier will come with a signed copy of the book, and a complementary sticker. 

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